Article: Oana Gregory And Augie Isaac Have A Blast At Paris Berelc’s Birthday Celebration!


It was a fantastic night last night, December 29, 2013 for the lovely Mighty Med star Paris Berelc as she celebrated her fifteenth birthday party with some of her great friends. Crash & Bernstein star Oana Gregory had a blast at Paris Berelc’s party last night and shared the amazing picture above through her Instagram account. Along with the picture Oana wrote, “Happy Birthday @theparisberelc! Augie photo bombed us”. Funny photobomb, Augie!

Oana Gregory also shared the amazing picture below of herself and Paris Berelc looking gorgeous on her Twitter account and wrote, “Happy Birthday @parisberelc she’s seriously one of the sweetest people I know!!” So sweet, what a terrific picture!


It looks like everyone had a fun time at Paris Berelc’s birthday celebration!

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