Article: Olivia Holt Flawless On The Cover Of Girls’ Life Magazine! Watch A ‘Behind The Scenes’ Video From Her Photoshoot Here!


The multi-talented, triple threat –  actress, singer and performer: Olivia Holt looks absolutely ravishing and so flawless on the cover of the February / March 2014 issue of Girls’ Life Magazine! Olivia Holt looks so radiant and beautiful in a pink and black color-blocked dress. Olivia Holt is such a stunning cover-girl.

Olivia Holt and Girls’ Life Magazine take you behind the scenes of Olivia Holt’s fun cover issue photoshoot. Disney Channel’s I Didn’t Do It Star Olivia Holt shows her bubbly, charming and vivacious personality that we all love and adore! In Olivia Holt’s exclusive Girls’ Life Magazine interview, Olivia even dishes on what her favorite romantic film is. Find out if you have a similar answer to Olivia Holt by watching her Girls’ Life Magazine “Behind The Scenes” photoshoot video below!

Keep Calm and Love Olivia Holt — you can win a signed copy of Olivia Holt’s Girls’ Life Magazine cover-issue. For more details, check out the picture below!


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