Article: Mollee Gray Releases Her New Apparel “Mollee Wear” On! (@MollsGrayy @SugarAndBruno)


LOVE the way the multi-talented, triple threat: Mollee Gray dresses?! (Who doesn’t?) Fashionista Mollee Gray brought out some excellent and exciting news yesterday and revealed her launch of her very own apparel on! Now all you Mollee Gray fans can be rockin’ an awesome ‘Mollee Gray Inspired’ look!

Mollee Gray shared the fabulous picture above through her Instagram account and wrote, “Guys, guess what!!!!! My new apparel is now available at!!!! Go check it out and get your very own ‘Mollee Wear’ photo credit: @ceventpics”.

Terrific! Be sure to check out Mollee Gray’s incredible new apparel on and send pictures to Mollee of you sporting her awesome spring / summer collection!

Follow Mollee Gray on Twitter and Instagram: @MollsGrayy

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