Article: Blake Garrett Rosenthal Visits KCAL 9 News And Gives A Sneak Peek To The Next ‘Mom’ Episode!


The charming and fantastic actor – Blake Garrett Rosenthal visited the KCAL 9 News studios yesterday, January 23, 2014 for his interview at 2:00 PM. The multi-talented Blake Garrett Rosenthal chatted all about his hit TV show, Mom and even gave KCAL 9 News viewers a sneak peek to the new, upcoming episode of Mom!

When asked about filming for CBS’s Mom, Blake Garrett Rosenthal answered by saying, “I love it! It’s so great being with all the actors and being in front of the camera. The whole cast is like my second family!” What an articulate and sophisticated, young man Blake Garrett Rosenthal is!

Check out Blake Garrett Rosenthal’s KCAL 9 News interview from yesterday at this link: — Great interview, Blake!

Catch the awesome Blake Garrett Rosenthal as “Roscoe” in CBS’s hit show, Mom every Monday at 9:30 PM!

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