Article: DJ Sensation Martin Garrix Amazing On Set Of His Photoshoot For L’Officiel Hommes! (@MartinGarrix)


The consummate, renown DJ sensation: Martin Garrix had an amazing time on set of his photoshoot for L’Officiel Hommes today, January 29, 2014. The incredibly talented Martin Garrix shared the fantastic ‘behind the scenes’ photo above through his Twitter account and wrote, “Photoshoot for L’Officiel Hommes”.

Martin Garrix also shared the excellent photo below through his Twitter account and wrote, “IT’S COOOLD IN HERE”.


The magnificent Martin Garrix will be starting his ‘We Are Animals’ Tour this Friday, January 31st — and you will not want to miss this epic tour! Follow Martin Garrix on Twitter: @MartinGarrix to find out if he will be coming to your city! You can also enter to win a pair of tickets to Martin Garrix’s ‘We Are Animals’ Tour here:

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