Article: IM5 Band Are SuperBowl Winners With Their Great Song “Touchdown Dance”! Check It Out Here!


 Broncos? Seahawks? What about Team IM5! IM5 Band is at it again with another excellent hit! In celebration of the SuperBowl, IM5 shared their incredible and super catchy, new song “Touchdown Dance”. IM5 Band is truly the winner of the SuperBowl with this terrific song, don’t you agree 5ers?! Actor / Singer Roshon even made a special appearance in the video (so awesome!).

IM5 tweeted, “Have you seen #TouchDownDance yet? Thanks to @megtrainor @DJFLICT @ohshitjavad @ROSHON ! Spread the word!”

What a great song and video! “Touchdown Dance” is definitely on repeat!! Check out IM5’s amazing music video to “Touchdown Dance” below and be sure to share it around with all your friends and family! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, did YOU do the “Touchdown Dance” while watching the SuperBowl??

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