Article: Kalin And Myles Share Their Spectacular Acoustic Version Of Their Song “Chase Dreams”! Watch Here!


 The sensational Kalin and Myles are ‘chasing their dreams‘ and are destined to be the next household names! Kalin and Myles are at it again impressing fans with all their magnificent projects. This incredibly talented duo released their spectacular acoustic version of their song “Chase Dreams” today, February 12, 2014. Kalin and Myles’s fantastic, harmonious vocals and charm will have you clicking that ‘replay’ button over and over again! The acoustic version of “Chase Dreams” truly leaves fans speechless! Kalin and Myles’s fans worldwide can agree, we all should just ‘Keep Calm And Listen To Kalin And Myles’s Music’!

Kalin and Myles tweeted, “*NEW VIDEO* Here is our acoustic version of our song Chase Dreams!! hope y’all like it! #ChaseDreamsAcoustic”.

Check out Kalin and Myles’s phenomenal acoustic version of their song, “Chase Dreams” below and don’t forget to share the video on all your social media! Outstanding job (as always), Kalin and Myles!! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, what did YOU think of Kalin and Myles’s acoustic version of “Chase Dreams”?

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