Article: IM5 Premieres Their Spectacular Bruno Mars Medley On! (@IM5Band @OnAirWithRyan)


Wow, wow, wow! Boy band sensation – IM5 Band leaves fans swooning with their spectacular and mesmerizing Bruno Mars medley. IM5’s incredible Bruno Mars Medley was premiered on the one and only –! IM5 tweeted, “Here it is!!!! Spread the word, our Bruno Medley premiered on!”. Once again, IM5’s phenomenal vocals and charm continue to leave fans in awe.

IM5 always manages to impress their fans. Saying IM5 is ‘talented’ is simply an understatement! Be sure to check out IM5’s Bruno Mars Medley on here: or below! Don’t forget to share IM5’s outstanding Bruno Mars Medley on all your social media!

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