Article: Benjamin Stockham Awesome At His Planet Hollywood Appearance PLUS Watch His Today Show Interview Here!


The multi-talented, charming and incredible actor: Benjamin Stockham was a busy bee (as usual) in the Big Apple, NYC recently promoting the premiere of his highly-anticipated show, About A Boy. First stop on the list? Planet Hollywood! Benjamin Stockham looked so awesome and smiled from ear to ear at his Planet Hollywood, Times Square,  NYC appearance on February 21, 2014. Benjamin always looks so cool (and has an amazing style) as he rocked a beanie, striped shirt and black jacket to the event.

The magnificent Benjamin Stockham tweeted, “Thank you @PlanetHollywood for the awesome day. Hope you enjoy Marcus’ sweater, shark shoes and beanie :)”.

Benjamin Stockham continued his busy trip in NYC by visiting the Today Show. When asked what made him decide to go into acting, Benjamin Stockham stated, “I saw people on TV and I’m like, ‘I want to be them! Can I be them?’ and I’m like, ‘I want lines… can I have lines?” To see more of the terrific Benjamin Stockham’s Today Show appearance, check it out at this link:

Check out more pictures below of the excellent Benjamin Stockham at his Planet Hollywood, NYC appearance! Hope to have the articulate and charismatic Benjamin Stockham back in the Big Apple again soon! Catch Benjamin Stockham in NBC’s About A Boy every Tuesday on NBC at 9/8c!

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