Article: Kelli Berglund Gives A Sneak Peek To Her Gorgeous ‘NAKED Magazine’ Photoshoot!


Triple threat: actress, dancer, and singer; the beautiful Kelli Berglund had a blast today, March 4, 2014 on set of her NAKED Magazine photoshoot. Kelli Berglund shared the great picture above through her Instagram account and wrote, “behind the scenes with @nakedmag”. Kelli Berglund looks stunning (as usual) rocking a fedora hat. 

The amazing Kelli Berglund also shared the terrific picture below and wrote, “@nakedmag [pt2]”


Fantastic! Kelli is such a gorgeous young lady both inside and out! I can’t wait to see more pictures from her NAKED Magazine photoshoot. They will definitely be magnificent! Stay tuned Kellbelles!

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