Article: The Multi-talented Billy Unger Announces His Rock Band “Painkillers” Will Be Going On Tour This Summer!


 We all can agree that we are all super excited for the summertime! Beach days, warm weather, surfing, and so much more. Well now, we all have another reason to look forward to summer even more! The incredibly talented, triple threat: actor, guitarist and rockstar – Billy Unger announced that his rock band “Painkillers” will be going on tour this summer! (Talk about exciting news!!)

Billy Unger and his phenomenal band “Painkillers” will take people of all ages back to the rock era with legendary songs like “Paradise City” by the one and only Guns N’ Roses and much more. Who needs a time travelling machine when you have the fantastic Billy Unger and his band “Painkillers” taking you back to the ‘rock of ages’! The “Painkillers” will be stopping by and performing at many of your towns and cities — so be sure to stay tuned to Billy Unger’s Twitter to find out upcoming “Painkillers” tour dates.

Check out Billy Unger’s video announcement of the “Painkillers” going on tour this summer below along with some epic live performances! The “Painkillers” is making its way to be the next greatest rock band of all time! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, what city do YOU want to see the “Painkillers” perform at?! I know I’ll be seeing the “Painkillers” on their tour… will YOU?

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