Article: Landry Bender And Oana Gregory Enjoy A Lunch Date At Lemonade 3/17/14! (@Landry_Bender @OanaGregory)


The lovely Crash & Bernstein stars – Landry Bender and Oana Gregory enjoyed a great lunch date today, March 17, 2014 at Lemonade. Landry Bender shared the wonderful picture above through her Instagram account of herself and Oana Gregory having some laughs and wrote, “My fav @oanagregory”.

Oana Gregory shared the amazing picture below through her Instagram account and wrote, “Lemonade and selfies #butfirstletmetakeaselfie”.


Fantastic! I’m glad Oana Gregory and Landry Bender had another great day in LA! Lemonade is just so, so delicious! I wonder what Oana Gregory and Landry Bender’s favorite food is from there?

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