Article: Kat McNamara And Kerris Dorsey Visit Brendan Meyer On Set Of His Show “No Place Like Home”!


It was a mini Girl Vs. Monster reunion today, March 19, 2014 on the set of Fox’s new TV show, No Place Like Home. The lovely Kat McNamara and Kerris Dorsey showed their support and had a blast visiting their friend Brendan Meyer on set of his show, No Place Like Home. Brendan Meyer, Kat McNamara, and Kerris Dorsey are all so hard-working and have such excellent and exciting projects they are working on!

Kat McNamara shared the amazing picture above through her WhoSay account and wrote, “On set w @BrendanKJMeyer & @KerrisDorsey for #NoPlaceLikeHome  live taping @FoxTV! Gr8 pilot!”

Wonderful! Congratulations to Brendan Meyer on his new show, No Place Like Home it will be terrific! So fantastic to see Kat McNamara, Kerris Dorsey and Brendan Meyer show each other so much support — they are such inspiring teens!

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