Article: Congratulations To DJ Sensation Martin Garrix On Winning The BUMA International Award! (@MartinGarrix)


 The immensely talented, worldwide DJ sensation Martin Garrix attended the BUMA Awards on March 18, 2014. This prolific and profound DJ / music producer was honored with the BUMA International Award! Martin Garrix shared the phenomenal picture above through his Instagram account and wrote, “woooohooooo I won the BUMA International award!!!!”

Martin Garrix looked so dashing at the event all suited up. Martin Garrix shared the excellent picture below through his Instagram account and wrote, “Getting ready for the Buma Awards, thanks to @worldofoger for the nice tuxedo!!!!”


Along with the outstanding photo below, Martin Garrix wrote, “Sick! I won the BUMA international award!! Thank you!!”


A big congratulations to the incredible Martin Garrix on winning the BUMA International Award!! What a magnificent accomplishment! Martin Garrix is such a consummate and hard-working DJ! He truly deserved this award and has many more successes set out for him in his bright and shining future!

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