Article: Oana Gregory And Landry Bender Enjoy A Girls Day And Watch “The Fault In Our Stars”!


The lovely Crash & Bernstein stars: Oana Gregory and Landry Bender enjoyed a nice, girls day yesterday, July 17, 2014 with their friend. These radiant and magnificent, young ladies had a wonderful time watching the highly-acclaimed movie “The Fault In Our Stars”.

Oana Gregory tweeted, “Finally!!! Ready to cry my eyes out with @RandiBailyn and @landry_bender”.

Along with the beautiful photo above shared on Oana Gregory’s Instagram account, Oana wrote, “Lunch, window shopping, & The Fault In Our Stars. Perfect afternoon with these lovelies.”

Wonderful! I’m glad Oana Gregory and Landry Bender had a fabulous time with their friend yesterday!

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