Article: Happy, Happy Birthday To The Wonderful Landry Bender 8/3/14! (@Landry_Bender)


Happy, Happy Birthday to the wonderful and outstanding actress – Landry Bender! Today, August 3, 2014; the spectacular Landry Bender turns fourteen. Fans have seen the incredible Landry Bender exhibit her talent in Disney X D’s hit TV show, Crash & Bernstein. Landry has such a positive and dazzling persona both on and off set which makes her loved and adored by everyone!

Landry Bender celebrated her special day with her mom, Crash & Bernstein co-star Oana Gregory and friend, Randi Bailyn. Along with the great photo below shared on Landry Bender’s Instagram account, Landry wrote, “Cute cute cute”.


Landry Bender also shared this excellent photo of herself and Oana Gregory both looking so gorgeous!


Here at, I’d like to wish the fantastic Landry Bender a very “Happy Birthday”. Have a terrific day, Landry and enjoy your birthday cake!

Follow Landry Bender on Twitter and Instagram: @Landry_Bender and send all your birthday wishes her way!

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