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Roll out the red carpet because one of the entertainment world’s most loved and adored person is here! She dances, she sings and she even acts – what word is more perfect to describe the extraordinary Asia Monet Ray than the word “triple-threat”. At the ripe age of nine years old, the spectacular Asia Monet Ray has accomplished more than what could ever be expected for a nine-year-old to accomplish. The fun-loving and vivacious Asia Monet Ray danced her way into fans’ hearts and instantly became a fan-favorite on the highly-acclaimed dance show we all are glued to… Dance Moms. Besides her being a gifted and magnificently talented dancer who dances so gracefully and effortlessly; she also has her own reality TV series – “Raising Asia” where fans can enter in the world of this amazing, young lady. Not only is Asia Monet Ray leaving fans mesmerized and in absolute awe both on-screen and at dance competitions with her unique talent; but Asia Monet Ray’s sensational music continues to make her stand out. Already, Asia Monet Ray has her own album with five of her very own original songs. Each song will happen to make your heart melt with her harmonious and phenomenal vocals. Being the youngest person to become the winner of the StarPower National Championship, having her own album out on iTunes, performing in front of thousands of fans at places like Universal CityWalk and Planet Hollywood Las Vegas – saying Asia Monet Ray is a sensation is an absolute understatement. Asia Monet Ray’s dazzling, wonderful and radiant personality adds onto the many reasons why Asia Monet Ray will always be a winner in everyone’s hearts. Already at such a young age, Asia Monet Ray has accomplished so much; and there is much more to come for this inspiring, young lady. Asia Monet Ray was destined to be a bright and shining star in the entertainment industry; but her hard-work and determination made her dreams come true. Fans can agree – “Keep Calm and Love Asia Monet Ray”!

I, Alexisjoyvipaccess had the wonderful pleasure of interviewing the one, the only Asia Monet Ray! The fabulous Asia Monet Ray dishes exclusively to Alexisjoyvipaccess what the experience was like for her being on the hit TV show, Dance Moms, what her training schedule is like for a dance competition, what the feeling is like for her having accomplished so much at such a young age and much more only in our VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview! In 10 years, what would Asia Monet Ray like to see herself doing? Find out the answer to that question and more in our VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview below! Thanks for the excellent interview, Asia!

Check out my VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview with the outstanding Asia Monet Ray below!

1. What inspired you to focus your life around entertaining people through dancing, acting and singing?

AMR: I’ve always been a performer and competitor since I was three years old. I started with gymnastics then iceskating, and with both my parents being former world class athletes, you can guess where I got my competitive spirit from. They taught me to be my best at everything I do.

2. You swept fans off their feet with your phenomenal dance moves on the hit TV show, “Dance Moms”. What was that experience like for you?

AMR: My appearance on Dance Moms came after my time on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, where I was a top 3 Finalist out of 14 older dancers. Working with Abby Lee and being judged by Richie Jackson and Robin was very helpful in working on my weak points in dance and performance. By the time I appeared on Dance Moms, I had the confidence not to be intimidated but to really “attack” my performance with a “Winner Takes All” attitude. Abby wants perfection so I tried to give that to her every time I performed.

3. How do you get ready for any dance competitions you have – how many hours do you train and do you have any “good-luck” charms you bring before a competition?
AMR: I left “competitive dancing” two years ago to pursue my dream of being a triple threat…dancer, actress, and singer. When I was competing, I made sure I knew the choreography and the music then I would just go for it. I worked a lot of hours in practice and prep but I wasn’t counting or paying attention because I was doing what I loved to do with other kids who loved it too! We dance all day and night sometimes, laughing and smiling all the way everyday! My parents taught me to just pray when I am in doubt or feel nervous. This helps calm me down because God has brought me this far. My faith in Him keeps me strong and hopeful to do well in all the things I’m involved in. There’s power in prayer!
4. Fans are able to enter in your life through your amazing show “Raising Asia”. What is your favorite part about filming the show?

AMR: My favorite part of the show is that my entire family is with me everyday and every step of the way. Being at home and with family is more relaxing than living in hotels and missing them when I travel. I think it’s great that the show follows my journey through dancing, acting, and singing so I can show other kids some of the things they will have to experience if they want to be a Superstar! I work hard, long hours to be the best I can…the cameras do a good job showing that I think.

5. You also have your own debut album “Asia Monet”. What is your favorite song off your album and why?
AMR: We finished my first EP this past July and I really love the music and people that worked so hard on it with me. From the writers and producers to my back-up singers and mixers, everyone worked hard on this one. I love my single, “Go Back” because it’s about my old friends, simple times, fun, and old school. It’s not just a dance song, but a message to never forget where you come from. I lost a lot of time with some friends because I was busy competing, practicing, and working so this song has special meaning to my friends whom I’ve been distant from while filming and recordingLove you guys!
6. Who are some of your musical inspirations?

AMR: Everyone knows I love Beyoncé simply because she is the best! She’s a great vocalist, actor, dancer, and business woman. She’s strong and powerful like I want to be one day when I grow up. I also love Janet Jackson, Lady Gaga and Aaliyah! They are all very independent, strong, and beautiful women who inspire me.

7. You have an endless amount of accomplishments at such a young age – what is the feeling like for you having accomplished so much?

AMR: I really don’t look back at what I’ve done at such a young age because I’ve been too busy looking ahead at what needs to be done. I am still working on new music, up for auditions, and making appearances while taking private lessons for dance and gymnastics. I have a lot going on but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel like I’m living in a dream, when other kids ask for an autograph or tell me I inspire them it makes me want to keep working hard to be the very best someday!

8. In 10 years from now, what would you like to see yourself doing?

AMR: Wow 10 years from now? I’d like to be able to hear my music on the radio, keep traveling the world like my dad meeting my fans ,and performing. Most importantly I’m looking forward to finishing my school work and making my parents proud of me.

9. What other upcoming projects are you working on that your fans can look forward to?

AMR: I’m working on dance with different choreographers that I’m hoping will expand my limitations and improve my strengths in a way that makes me a better dancer and performer. I’m hoping to hit the talk show circuit and land an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show or Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel.

10. Lastly, if you could bring out one message to all your fans – what message would that be?
AMR: My dad always says, “To whom much is given much is required.” It’s something I always remember when talking with other kids and getting opportunities to perform or present. I do the best I can with what I have and who I am. I block out the negativity because, as long as I stay positive, my light will shine through. A lot of people are not happy with my success so my family and I always share and talk about helping just one person at a time find strength through the hard work I do. They might have the courage to pursue their dream, regardless of what other people might tell them. I’m living proof that hard work pays off, and that a loving supportive family is not a bad thing to have when your dreams and goals are as big as mine are. 

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