Article: Have Your Say Heard And Tweet Who You Want Nominated At The Social Slam Selfie Awards!


The days are getting closer and closer to the most momentous day we all have been waiting for… what’s to be known as a legendary day, the event of the year, the Social Slam Selfie Awards on October 4, 2014! With over 100 of your favorite social media, film and TV stars – the Social Slam Selfie Awards is surely a day you do not want to miss. With VIP and general meet and greets, musical performances, a red carpet, and the highly-anticipated award show – you, yes, YOU can get the chance to get up close and personal and even take your best selfies with some of your favorite celebs (only at the Social Slam Selfie Awards!). The Social Slam Selfie Awards which is presented by HYPE! Projects, fueled by Johnny Rockets and sponsored by 1800Flowers and Monster Merchandise will even “be the first award show that will feature a Guinness Book of World Records attempt for Social Media. Many of the top Social Media stars will attempt at taking the most selfies in 1 hour” (source: press release)

The Social Slam Selfie Awards will feature awards such as “Personality of the Year”, “Male Personality of the Year”, “Female Personality of the Year”, “The Next”, “Fave Bae” and “Fan Favorite” and now YOU can have your say heard by tweeting out who you want to see nominated! All you have to do is tweet who you want to be nominated and what for! For example, “I want ___ to be nominated for ____ #socialslamselfieawards @thesocialslam nominate ____ “. You can help get your favorite social media star nominated at the Social Slam Selfie Awards!

Who will YOU be seeing at the Social Slam Selfie Awards? Andrea Russett, Sam Pottorff, Teala Dunn, Dylan Dauzat, Jonah Marias, Grant Landis, Tanner Zagarino, Midnight Red, Alex Ramos, Dillon Rupp, and that’s naming a few!

Buy tickets for the Social Slam Selfie Awards at this link: and stay in the loop by following @TheSocialSlam on Twitter and using #SocialSlamSelfieAwards. Visit: and “Like” the Social Slam Selfie Awards on Facebook:


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