Article: Zach Callison Has A Marvelous Time At New York’s Comic Con! (@Zach_Callison)


It’s that excellent time of year again… comic book, anime, animation and video game lovers unite for this year’s New York Comic Con! New York Comic Con is back and bigger than ever with some of the most thrilling and entertaining panels and activities for attendees to enjoy.

The incredibly talented and profound actor: Zach Callison who voices ‘Steven’ in Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe was in the Big Apple, NYC for New York Comic Con as he was a part of Cartoon Network’s CN ANYTHING panel which was conducted on October 12, 2014. Zach Callison was joined by Adam Devine, Collin Dean, Estelle, Jessica DiCicco,Kent Osborne, Melanie Lynskey, Patrick McHale, Paula Spence,Pete Browngardt, Rebecca Sugar, Sam Marin, Spencer Rothbell, and Tom Kenny at the panel. Excitement filled the room as Comic Con attendees were able to enjoy impromptu performances, exclusive content from the creators of their favorite animated shows, and so much more at the CN ANYTHING panel. According to the press release, Cartoon Network’s CN ANYTHING panel, “featur[ed] tons of Special Guests and never-before-seen content from your favorite animated comedies plus a sneak peek with the Cast and Creator of the upcoming mini-series Over the Garden Wall!” The spectacular panel was conducted by Adam Devine who voices Pizza Steve, Uncle Grandpa. 

The remarkable and gifted actor: Zach Callison has been having a marvelous time at New York Comic Con as he keeps busy meeting fans and signs autographs – and does so with a big, charming smile on his face! Zach Callison is truly one outstanding, young man!

Check out some fantastic photos below of the magnificent Zach Callison at the New York Comic Con. I’m glad Zach Callison is having a phenomenal time at the event. Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, did YOU go to New York Comic Con?

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