Article: Enter In The Life Of DJ Sensation Martin Garrix In Episode 1 Of “The Martin Garrix Show”!


He’s one of the most accomplished DJs that truly needs no form of introduction. As each of the days go by, DJ phenomenon Martin Garrix continues to establish himself more and more as an absolute legend. Performing in a different country each day, creating new, mesmerizing tracks and still trying to manage time to be a “normal teenager” – Martin Garrix has one incredibly busy and awe-inspiring life. All the success this EDM genius has earned is truly deserved as he works so hard to have reached where he is today. We see all of his success and all of his outstanding projects, but have you ever wondered what life is really like for Martin Garrix? Enter in the life of this DJ sensation in episode one of “The Martin Garrix Show”!

The description of the video states, “Grab your copy of Martin Garrix & MOTi – Virus (How About Now) on Beatport: Follow Martin Garrix on the road to Ultra Music Festival Europe in Croatia.”

From finishing off school to performing at some of the biggest music festivals out – see what it is like for Martin Garrix in the very first episode of his documentary series! Check it out below!

Follow Martin Garrix on Twitter: @MartinGarrix

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