Article: Who Are This Month’s 50 Most Influential Cats In The “Friskies 50”? Find Out Here!


One thing many of us can’t get enough of is… online cat videos! Many of the cats we adore watching in some of our favorite online cat videos have unquestionably stolen our hearts, but the question is… “Who are this month’s fifty most influential cats in the ‘Friskies 50′”? Friskies brought cats lovers their guide to the fifty most influential cats on the Internet starting this past summer and now Friskies is back again with an updated list featuring some of your favorite feline friends – some familiar cats, some new cats, and some cats who are not on the list anymore!

So who took the prestigious spot of number one on the list? Grumpy Cat, of course! However, not too far off is Maru who jumped from number fourteen to number two in this updated list. Could Maru possibly steal the number one spot from Grumpy Cat in the next “Friskies 50” – we will just have to wait and see!

Many other adorable feline friends have made significant jumps from their previous spots in the prior “Friskies 50”. For example, Scottish Fold, Waffles made his way from number forty-one to spot number ten! Also, the late and great Colonel Meow continues to be a fan favorite and made his way from spot twenty-four to spot number fourteen (a whole ten spots increase! WOW, I mean… MEOW!). New members of the “Friskies 50” include Suzie The Bomb Cat at spot number thirty-four and Daisy The Curly Cat at spot number fifty.

According to the press release, “It’s captivating to see how the current standings have changed and we’re thrilled that a large part of that is due to how well the Friskies 50 has been received by cat lovers,” says Marine Dubois-Roussel, marketing associate for Friskies. “Since the launch of the Friskies 50 in July, a lot of cats are rising to the top while others are falling down and – in some cases – off the list completely.  It’s been a lot of fun to learn about the cats our fans have nominated and see how they stack up in the rankings”.


For more information on the “Friskies 50”, visit – you can also be apart of this incredible guide to the most influential cats on the Internet and nominate a cat you think is worthy to be on the list by filling out a nomination form on the “Friskies 50” site. Stay in the loop by using hashtag #Friskies50.

To see the full list of the top fifty most influential cats on the Internet as of November 7th, see the list below (source: press release)

Friskies 50 – Top 50 Influential Cats (as of November 7)


1.       Grumpy Cat 26. Hamilton The Hipster Cat
2.       Maru 27.  Joey The Garden Cat
3.       Lil Bub 28. Snoopybabe
4.       Shironeko 29. Pokey
5.       Sparta & Loki 30. Sam Has Eyebrows
6.       Nylah Kitty 31. Sockington
7.       N2 The Talking Cat 32. Justin Fire Survivor
8.       Nala 33. Hank
9.       Oskar & Klaus 34. Suzie The Bomb Cat
10.    Waffles 35. Choupette Lagerfeld
11.    Anakin The Two Legged Miracle Cat 36. Princess Monster Truck
12.    Venus The Two Faced Cat 37. Corky The Cradle Cat
13.    Henri Le Chat Noir 38. Smushball
14.    Colonel Meow 39. Richard Kitty
15.    Wasabi 40. Spangles The Cross Eyed Cat
16.    Luna The Fashion Kitty 41. Mercury The Cat
17.    Cole & Marmalade 42. Milla The Cat
18.    Hero Cat 43. Chase No Face
19.    Pudge 44. Lazarus The Vampire Cat
20.    City The Kitty 45. Blacky The Wheelchair Cat
21.    Homer The Blind Wonder Cat 46. Little Bear
22.    Street Cat Bob 47. Hello Oskar
23.    Winston 48. Pretzel (The Little Kitty That Could)
24.    Cooper The Photographer Cat 49. Dewey
25.    Nora The Piano Cat 50. Daisy The Curly Cat



Utilizing a proprietary algorithm based on each cat’s social media reach and engagement levels across various social platforms, the Friskies 50 compiles the most influential Internet cats every month (out of a total of more than 250 cats) and ranks them in order from 1-50 at The index methodology also takes into account the cat’s presence in traditional news such as recent mentions in print and online articles. While each cat’s ranking is strongly influenced by the number of social channels the cat is engaged on and the level of media coverage they receive, a key factor is also the public’s reception of the content and coverage.


With the Friskies 50, users are able to view how cats rank each month depending on their score from the previous month. Arrows displayed beside each cat’s name indicate upward or downward movement. For example, upward indicators in green show an increase in score and downward indicators in red show a decrease. All data collected is publicly available.



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