Article: Congrats To The Merrell Twins On Reaching 100K Subscribers! Celebrate By Watching Their Video Here!


They are the two phenomenal and stupendous, young ladies who truly define what it is like to be a magnificent role model! Yup, I’m talking about the vivacious Vanessa and Veronica Merrell! We all can’t get enough of the Merrell Twins’s remarkable videos – from their challenge videos to their MT News series and every video in between – all 100,000 plus of us truly adore the Merrell Twins! Yesterday, November 8, 2014 was a very special day for these lovely ladies as their Youtube channel officially reached 100,000 subscribers. It is clear to see that with their incredible personalities and their wonderful and very creative videos – the Merrell Twins can make anyone’s day a whole lot brighter and happier.

Vanessa Merrell tweeted, “OMG  was able to see us hit 100k subs before testing! Thank you soooo much omg  words can’t even describe how I feel. Now I gtg to test!”

Veronica Merrell tweeted, “Trying to hold tears back! Thank you so so so much!”

Veronica and Vanessa Merrell are so hardworking and they truly deserve all the success! It won’t be long until we all will be celebrating the Merrell Twins reaching 1 million subscribers. Celebrate this special accomplishment with the Merrell Twins by watching their 100,000 subscribers “Thank You” video below!

Check out my updated VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview with the flawless Merrell Twins below:

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