VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: JC Caylen Exclusive Interview With Alexisjoyvipaccess At BraveFest LA!


King of Youtube and an online-video creating genius, say hello to the person who could put the biggest smile on everyone’s faces – Mr. JC Caylen! JC Caylen is clearly one of the world’s greatest Youtube sensations and with every one of his stupendous videos he truly is making online video-making history. With over two million subscribers on Youtube and hit videos including “4 Guys Get Messy”, “MESSY Sauce Showers”, and “Awkward Situations” – JC Caylen has truly established himself as a household name. Whatever event JC Caylen may attend – whether it be prestigious award shows, highly attended conventions like Vidcon or amazing tours like BraveFest, JC Caylen never fails to cause pandemonium everywhere and anywhere he goes. Even if it is just stepping out to get a bite to eat, the extraordinary JC Caylen has screaming fans everywhere he goes. JC Caylen has revolutionized the Youtube world. With such incredible projects like world tours and more spectacular videos – JC Caylen’s career continues to skyrocket and 2015 is “The Year of JC Caylen”. JC Caylen continues to leave fans on “Cloud 9” everyday!

I, Alexisjoyvipaccess had the HONOR of covering the magnificent BraveFest LA event and had the greatest pleasure of interviewing the exceptional JC Caylen at the event! The remarkable JC Caylen dishes exclusively to Alexisjoyvipaccess all about crazy fan experiences he has had, what inspired him to focus his life around creating Youtube content and so much more only in our VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview! The wonderful JC Caylen also spills about what it is like for him seeing his life change for the better in our VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview at BraveFest! Thanks for the phenomenal interview, JC!

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