Article: Dylan Riley Snyder Has A Wonderful Time Meeting Fans At His XAmaze Tutoring Meet & Greet!


He’s the magnificent, incredibly talented and charming, young man who we love watching on our TV screens – he’s the wonderful, Dylan Riley Snyder! The awesome Dylan Riley Snyder had a fantastic time celebrating his birthday on January 24, 2015 by meeting fans at his meet and greet at the XAmaze Tutoring Grand Opening. Dylan Riley Snyder was all smiles as he met fans, chatted with them, took pictures and signed autographs.

As usual, Dylan Riley Snyder was so accommodating and friendly to all his fans who were so excited to meet him. XAmaze Tutoring shared the great photo above through their Twitter account and wrote, “ Thank you for making our day ! You’re the best!”.

XAmaze Tutoring shared the excellent photo below through their Twitter account and wrote, “Our Grand Opening was a success! Thank you and for joining in the fun! “.


Spectacular! It looks like everyone had a blast at the XAmaze Tutoring grand opening!

Follow Dylan Riley Snyder on Twitter: @DylanRSnyder

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