Article: GRAY Studios With Ariel Winter, Kenton Duty & More Set To Up More Studios In Locations Nationwide!


You’ve always dreamed of being on TV or being on one of your favorite, hit TV shows, so why not make it happen? Acting is truly a craft, a talent and as with everything – acting takes a lot of practice! Well, now is your chance to expand upon your craft; and that is not the only thing that will be expanding! GRAY Studios is currently expanding its studios in locations nationwide. There are already GRAY Studios located in Los Angeles, Orange County, CA, San Diego, Nashville, Atlanta, Cincinnati, and Tampa and GRAY Studios is set to open up studios in Thousand Oaks, California and Dallas.

GRAY Studios gives people from ages four and up the opportunity to practice and work on their acting skills. Actress Ariel Winter, actor Kenton Duty, actor Dyllan Christopher, casting director and intensive teacher Jeremy Gordon and Shanelle and David Gray are going across the country conducting meet and greets and open houses to give all of YOU the opportunity to meet these incredibly talented individuals and let YOU know more about the magical GRAY Studios.

According to the press release, “GRAY STUDIOS believes actors only get better at their craft by actually acting and real acting takes place in two locations – on the stage or on the set. Everything else is just practice. GRAY STUDIOS’s teachers prepare actors in small private classes to make the transition from practicing to working. Only real acting work can make them better artists. They believe training actors solid techniques involves being honest in that creative process, taking risks in our performances, and gaining relevant feedback from professionals.”.

Have your say and let GRAY Studios know where you want to see them open up another studio and where you want to see them come and do a meet and greet! Here’s your chance to make your dreams come alive – check out GRAY Studios at .

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