Article: Congrats To The “Every Witch Way” Cast On A Magical & Remarkable Season 3 Finale!


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There are many words to describe the third season of Nickelodeon’s highly-acclaimed, hit TV show, Every Witch Way, some words including “Magical”, “Sensational”, “Stupendous” “Stellar” and absolutely “Remarkable”. From a new hangout spot called the Beachside 7, to the endless pranks from the T3 and H20, more magic, a new student stirring up some heat and of course Emma’s tough decision between Jax and Daniel – the third season of Every Witch Way had fans at the edge of their seats watching all the magic in each episode. Every Witch Way fans had their alarms set for 7:00 PM each week day and were ready for more excitement in the all new episodes. Without a doubt, the all-star, outstanding Every Witch Way cast did another phenomenal job with the third season and each episode built up to the one hour season three finale which was one word… intense. So, the question is – who did Emma choose, Jax or Daniel? Well, with the help of all the votes sent in by the Every Witch Way fans, Emma was able to make her decision… Jax!

Here are what some of the incredible Every Witch Way cast-mates tweeted about in regards to the third season finale!

Paola Andino: “You all voted….and Emma is OFFICIALLY….   “.

Rahart Adams: “Just want to take this chance to thank you all for voting,You guys are the best, “.

Nick Merico: “Thank you to everyone who voted for and anyone who voted for it was a fun season!”

Paris Smith: “Hey loves! Today is the LAST DAY to vote if you are #TeamJax or #TeamDaniel! Go vote now at Don’t miss tonights 1 hour season finale!”

Tyler Alvarez: “Good bye Diego for season 3 :( EveryWitchWay “.

Louis Tomeo: “Thank you to all fans! We could not have done Season 3 without you!! “.

Jason Drucker: “Have the come in to save the day we can take care of the “.

Jackie Frazey: “It’s JAX!!! SHE CHOSE JAX “.

Elizabeth Elias: “Who enjoyed the season finale of ?!? It was awesome! What was your favorite scene?”.

Daniela Nieves: “So thankful ily all. One of the best experiences of my life and so glad you guys could watch it. Thank you to everyone who was a part of it”.

Zoey Burger: “AND THAT CONCLUDES SEASON THREE! I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did! Go !!!  “.

Denisea Wilson: “Who’s emma going to choose?!?! “.

Autumn Wendel: “Today’s the last day to vote or . Vote now while you still can! “.

Ethan Estrada: “Amazing experience! Never to be forgotten!! Thank you all cast and crew! “.

Nicolas James: “Had a great time tonight with the Florida cast of EWW. “.

Melissa Carcache: “And so they lived happily ever after!   what did you think about the finale?!?”.

Mia Matthews: “It’s so fun watching the finale with my cast/family! “.

Liam Obergfoll: “All I know is I’m you all better vote for tonight’s finale at 7 on Nickelodeon “.

Every Witch Way writer, Clayton Boen: “This is it! Who is it going to be!? Daniel or Jax!? “.

Every Witch Way writer, Catha Ledeboer :”Thank you all for watching and making us the number one show! “.

big congratulations to the exceptional cast and crew of Nickelodeon’s Every Witch Way on a magnificent and fantastic season three and season three finale! What a brilliant show!

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