Article: Veronica And Vanessa Merrell Share Their Angelic Cover Of “Best Mistake”! Watch Here!


Magnificent singers? Check! Musically inclined individuals? Check! Phenomenal YouTube videos? Check, Check, Check! The Merrell Twins are without a doubt two of the most gifted and incredibly talented, young ladies! Love Ariana Grande’s hit song, “Best Mistake”? Well, you’re going to love it even more! The spectacular Veronica and Vanessa Merrell just shared their stupendous cover of Ariana Grande’s song, “Best Mistake” and it is one word… “perfect”! The Merrell Twins’s voices are so angelic and mesmerizing and they continue to prove themselves as multi-threats with the wonderful way they play guitar and piano. We are all in love with the Merrell Twins’s excellent cover!

Vanessa Merrell tweeted, “Don’t make a mistake and not watch our new video…  *ba dum tiss* “.

Veronica Merrell tweeted, “New video!!! Uploaded earlier than we said! Watch our cover of Best Mistake by Ariana Grande! “.

The Merrell Twins tweeted, “This week we did a cover of Best Mistake by Ariana Grande! :) “.

The Merrell Twins are so hard-working and truly deserve all their success! Check out the Merrell Twins’s marvelous cover of “Best Mistake” below and be sure to share it around to all your friends and family on all your social media networks! Terrific cover, Vanessa and Veronica!

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