Article: Zach Callison And Genesis Ochoa Have A Wonderful Time At The Annie Awards 1/31/15!


Award season is in full swing in the wonderful world of Hollywood and on January 31, 2015 many of your favorite celebrities gathered together to attend the Annie Awards. Profound actor: Zach Callison and the magnificent actress: Genesis Ochoa had a splendid time as they attended the 42 Annual Annie Awards on January 31, 2015 at the Royce Hall on the UCLA Campus in Westwood, California.

Genesis Ochoa who voices the role of “Young Maria” in “The Book of Life” attended in support of the nomination of her movie, “The Book of Life” which won an Annie Award for “Best Character Design in an Animated Feature Production”. A big congratulations to the lovely Genesis Ochoa and the stupendous “The Book of Life” cast.

Check out these spectacular photos of the sensational Zach Callison and Genesis Ochoa looking outstanding at the 42 Annual Annie Awards! I’m glad Zach Callison and Genesis Ochoa had a great time at the event.

Catch Zach Callison every week on “Steven Universe” where he voices the role of “Steven” and catch Genesis Ochoa in “The Book of Life” as she voices the role of “Young Maria”.

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