Article: Dylan Riley Snyder Races Into His 18th Year And Has A Blast With Friends At His Birthday Party!


The charismatic and immensely talented, Dylan Riley Snyder raced into his 18th year and had a phenomenal time at his birthday celebration yesterday, February 7, 2015 with all his friends at the K1 Speed in Gardena, California. Olivia Holt, Austin North, Kelli Berglund, Paris Berelc, Jack Griffo, Jake Short, the Ochoa Boyz, Nolan Gould and Leo Howard were some of the many who came out to celebrate Dylan Riley Snyder’s special celebration. Everyone had a spectacular time as they played Nintendo games, had some laughs and went go-karting.

Dylan Riley Snyder wrote along with a photo shared through his Instagram account, “I have never maxed out my tags before! This is crazy! I would formally like to thank everybody who came to my birthday party, you all are amazing friends and family. I’ll be posting more pictures throughout the day. Thank you @nintendo for sponsoring this party and for all of your help with this #mariokart8 super party! #dylanracesinto18″.

So amazing! It looks like everyone had a stellar time at Dylan Riley Snyder’s birthday party! Check out more photos below of Dylan Riley Snyder’s brilliant birthday bash!

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