Article: Paola Andino Talks About “Every Witch Way” And Her Role Model, Gina Rodriguez In Her Huffington Post Interview!


You know Paola Andino as the magnificently talented, Nickelodeon princess on the hit, TV show, Every Witch Way and every project the fantastic Paola Andino works on truly turns out to be so magical. The remarkable, Paola Andino recently chatted with Huffington Post in an exclusive interview where she discussed the much-talked about Every Witch Way season three finale and what it is like for her to follow in the footsteps of her role model, Gina Rodriguez of Jane The Virgin.

When asked about filming two different endings for Every Witch Way, Paola Andino dished exclusively to Huffington Post, “It was crazy because I had no idea what the fans were going to do, who they were going to pick. It was a huge surprise to the cast. Usually we know what’s going to happen and everything, [but] then we were able to share that final moment with the fans because it was a surprise for us as well.

And filming the two endings was funny. I had to film two kissing scenes with my two cast members. It was a cool twist, what they did, and the fans were able to be so interactive with the show and get really pumped about the voting.”

Paola Andino also spoke about her role model Gina Rodriguez to Huffington Post and said, “It also feels really special because Gina Rodriguez, who plays Jane on “Jane The Virgin,” also has Puerto Rican roots, so I’m proud I’m following her footsteps as well. She’s so successful and great, so it’s pretty amazing. I feel like I can maybe open up doors for younger generations like people above me are doing, and that’s just an incredible feeling.”

Gina Rodriguez tweeted Paola Andino and said, “. from “Every Witch Way” talks about the season finale and following in ‘s footsteps ”Get It!” Gina Rodriguez also tweeted, ““: I can and I will!!!  Thank you, muchísimo amor, Gina!!”so unbelievably proud of you Amiga! “.

Paola Andino excitedly tweeted, “You know it’s a good day when your role model does THIS  !! “.

Paola Andino and Gina Rodriguez are two incredible role models and their talent is indescribable! They are both taking the entertainment world by storm and I would love to see Paola Andino and Gina Rodriguez work on a project together!

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