Article: Paola Andino Brings Magic To NYC During Her Busy Press Day! (@PaolaNAndino @JustJaredJr)


New York City is known to be a magical city, but on February 18, 2015, there was something in the New York City air that felt even more special and magical; and the presence of the remarkable, Paola Andino definitely had something to do with it! Nickelodeon’s princess, the phenomenal and sensational: Paola Andino had a very busy press day and showed New York City what it really is like to be the “City That Never Sleeps”. From visiting the offices of Teen Vogue to Seventeen Magazine (to name a few), Paola Andino looked so stunning and brought her beautiful smile and wonderful presence everywhere she went!

Paola Andino shared her hectic day along with fans as she took over JustJaredJr’s Instagram account. Paola Andino tweeted, “I TALKED ABOUT YOU GUYS IN ALL MY PRESS MEETINGS BECAUSE YOU ARE SO CREATIVE AND FUN AND LOVING AND YOU MAKE ME SMILE SO SO MUCH”.

The effervescent Paola Andino is such a ray of sunshine and congrats to Paola Andino and the amazing Every Witch Way cast on their Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards nomination! Check out photos below from Paola Andino’s NYC press day shared on both Paola Andino and JustJaredJr’s Instagram account. NYC loves having you here, Paola!

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  1. I love Paola and a huge fan of hers. I think she is so amazing, beautiful, talented, awesome, and a good influence on girls around and I hope she will keep done acting because she’s so amazing and I love her so much and I hope I can meet her one day! :-)

  2. Paola is my betta put a Rican actress beside my favorite actress Betty White and I think she is inspiring and a good role model for young girls all around because she’s so amazing! :-) Love u Paola

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