Article: Jillian Rose Reed Shows Her Support For “National Eating Disorder Awareness Week” And YOU Can Show Your Support Too!


Fans know the marvelous and stupendous, Jillian Rose Reed as the remarkable and fan-favorite actress on MTV’s hit TV show, Awkward and in addition to being a multi-talented actress, the lovely Jillian Rose Reed is also a wonderful role model! Jillian Rose Reed is an avid supporter for the organization “Breaking The Chains” and is showing her support for “National Eating Disorder Awareness Week”. The magnificent Jillian Rose Reed wants YOU to join her and Breaking The Chains to help bring about awareness towards eating disorders!

The outstanding Jillian Rose Reed tweeted, “It’s National Eating Disorder Awareness Week and needs your help! Watch and share! … “.

Jillian Rose Reed also shared a video on her official WhoSay account – you can join Jillian Rose Reed and Breaking The Chains by showing your support for “National Eating Disorder Awareness Week” and by wearing your periwinkle ribbon to bring out awareness towards eating disorders. Jillian Rose Reed is so admirable and she continues to inspire fans supporting wonderful organizations like Breaking The Chains!

Watch Jillian Rose Reed’s video here as she shows her support for “National Eating Disorder Awareness Week”: 

Follow Jillian Rose Reed on Twitter: @JillianRoseReed

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