Article: Dubvision Releases A Sneak Peek Of Their Stupendous, New Track “Vertigo”! Listen Here!


There are many words to describe DJ sensation: Dubvision’s tracks – “Invigorating”, “Energetic”, “Stupendous”, “Remarkable” and “Electrifying” are just some of the many. The internationally acclaimed, Dubvision is known for releasing some of the greatest tracks that have ever surfaced the planet. Each of their tracks have their own magnificent beats, and Dubvision’s mesmerizing tracks makes them stand out as the unique and creative DJs they truly are. Dubvision just released an awe-inspiring preview to their latest track “Vertigo” which is set to release on March 20th and it is absolutely brilliant.

Dubvision tweeted, “VERTIGO!! Coming March 20th on

Check out a preview of Dubvision’s marvelous track “Vertigo” below and be sure to share it around to all your friends and family on all your social media networks. “Vertigo” is exceptional and Dubvision never fails in leaving fans speechless with their stellar tracks. Bravo, Dubvision!

Follow Dubvision on Twitter: @DubvisionMusic and check out our VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview in NYC below:

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