Article: EXCITING News! Could Brec Bassinger And Rahart Adams Be Working Together In A Project? Find Out Here!


You know her as the effervescent, lovely actress on Nickelodeon’s hit TV show, Bella and The Bulldogs. You know him as the charming, outstanding actor on Nickelodeon’s highly acclaimed TV show, Every Witch Way. So, what does Brec Bassinger and Rahart Adams have in common? They both had something very, very special added onto their IMDB pages today… a new movie! MOVIE ALERT! It looks like the remarkable Rahart Adams and Brec Bassinger will be working on a project together – a movie called “Suckers”. Brec Bassinger is set to play the role of “Cameron” and Rahart Adams is set to play the role of “Davis”.

Brec Bassinger tweeted, “Hmm… Something has been added to mine and imdb! SO EXCITED “.

What exciting and phenomenal news! Although there hasn’t been much information released yet regarding the movie, stay tuned here at to hear any new information regarding the film! A big congratulations to Rahart Adams and Brec Bassinger on this spectacular news!

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