Article: Paola Andino Pretty In Pink As She Visits Fanlala In La La Land! (@PaolaNAndino @Fanlala)


Coast to coast – the one and only, remarkable: Paola Andino is a sensation worldwide. Whether she is in the Big Apple – NYC, the “City of Angels” – Los Angeles or The Lone Star State – Texas – anywhere and everywhere this fantastic, young lady is she always radiates her positive and bubbly persona! The beautiful (both inside and out), Nickelodeon’s Every Witch Way star: Paola Andino has been a busy bee (as usual) these past few days in La La Land, Los Angeles. Paola Andino had a great time at a photoshoot for the majority of the day today, March 11, 2015 and she tweeted, “Photoshootin’ all afternoon”.

The outstanding Paola Andino also looked pretty in pink as she visited the Fanlala studios in La La Land. Fanlala shared the terrific photo above of Paola Andino looking flawless as always through their Twitter account and wrote, “We loved loved LOVED having you ! “.

Paola Andino is so extraordinary and admirable! She is such a genuine, talented and super sweet individual! I can’t wait to see the magic that Paola Andino did today with Fanlala!

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