Article: The Remarkable Belegenza Hair Product Company Announces Exciting Partnership With MeatHeadsTV!


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A remarkable and luxurious hair product company plus all your favorite Vine sensations in an original series on digital television = an absolute masterpiece! Belegenza hair company is known for all of its one of a kind, classy and elegant hair products that manage to make every user both look and feel more healthier and glamorous! Anyone and everyone who uses Belegenza natural hair care products can always count on their hair to look red-carpet ready everywhere they go! I know I can always turn to my Belegenza hair products (which are always by my side) and I will be all set for a fun and exciting day of interviews and event coverage.

Belegenza has just released some spectacular and thrilling news that Belegenza is partnering with MeatHeadsTV. According to the press release, “Meatheads’ 16.5 million fans have reason to rejoice because on Sunday, March 29th, IFU will debut Vine fans’ favorite stars in a highly anticipated original scripted comedy. The show centers on a group of young personal trainers striving to make it and the gym they all work at, which turns out to be a hot-zone for locker-room antics and misadventures. In the pilot, Drew (Robby Ayala) and Chase (Chase Hauck) discover that Eric/Jerome (Eric Dunn) have been poaching their clients (Vine stars – Jason Nash, Oscar Guerra, Omar Ghonim, Richard Morrow, Michael Persad, and Grammy® Recording Artist, Catie Waters) with his “Urban” workout. The trainers, who are in desperate need of new clients and money, decide to become janitors at the gym to earn extra money with the assistance of Manon (Manon Mathews) and Hannah (Hannah Pilkes), but it looks like the team bit off more than they can chew.”. “Meatheads” will premiere on iTunes and and will continue to be a half-hour series that will go for $2.99 for each episode.

The genius behind one of the most sensational hair product brands, Mr. Alan Eschenburg stated, “Like the perfect workout and recovery, this debut is the start of something huge and we’re proud to be part of it! We’re sure IFU’s Meatheads growth and success is just getting started. –Alan G Eschenburg, Belegenza Creative Director”. (source: press release)

The press release also stated, “The show has already received support from brand partners including heavyweights WEEV, a hot, social media, mobile application created by actor/director Stephen Moyer (HBO’s “True Blood”), – the largest organization for young people and social change, which will be featuring their “Pineapple Push-ups” campaign and Belegenza Natural Hair Care – the premiere hair-care product to Hollywood celebrities.”

big congratulations to Belegenza on this magnificent and extraordinary announcement regarding their partnership with “Meatheads”! Always proud and happy to support a spectacular hair product company that always keeps my hair looking red carpet ready!

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