Article: “Awkward” Star Monty Geer Checks ‘Skydiving’ Off His Bucket List With Creative Recreation! (@MontyGeer @CreativeRec)


What’s on your bucket list – Scuba-diving? Traveling around the world? What about going sky-diving? “Awkward” star Monty Geer recently checked off ‘skydiving’ from his bucket list as he teamed up with the shoe company, Creative Recreation in a recent campaign. In addition to doing this invigorating activity, the admirable and magnificent Monty Geer had a special message behind doing it.

The wonderful Monty Geer describes his experience by stating, “I think it’s important to do things that terrify you. Too many people get paralyzed by fear; and as a result end up playing their whole life too safe and forever stay in their comfort zone. But the best moments and opportunities are always outside that zone. So do something today that scares you.”

Creative Recreation gives you an inside look at Monty Geer’s skydiving adventure through a phenomenal video they shared on their YouTube channel. Check out the marvelous video below! Also, take a look at some fantastic photos of Monty Geer skydiving courtesy of Creative Recreation!

Check out Creative Recreation’s article about Monty Geer’s skydiving adventure here:

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