POLL: Sensation Cameron Dallas Releases Instant Hit Song “She Bad” – What Do You Think Of The Song? Take The Poll!


He’s taken over the Vine world, he’s taken over the YouTube world and he’s taken over every girl’s heart in every country and continent to name – Cameron Dallas is truly one word – a sensation causing pandemonium just about everywhere and anywhere he goes! Now, the phenomenal Cameron Dallas is taking over the music world by storm as he just released his new single, “She Bad” and let’s just say the second every person heard his song – it became an instant hit and chart-topper. Cameron Dallas continues to make everyone’s heart skip a beat… or two!

Cameron Dallas premiered his song “She Bad” on iHeartRadio and tweeted, “Thanks for having me on the Radio & Playing “She Bad” for the 1st time officially, excited to work together “.

“She Bad” went straight to number one on the Billboard charts. Cameron Dallas tweeted, “Check Out MY New Song “She Bad” Lyric Video! Get the Song HERE – “. Awesome! Now fans worldwide can learn the terrific lyrics to “She Bad”.

Check out Cameron Dallas’ “She Bad” lyric video below and don’t forget to buy “She Bad” on iTunes at this link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/she-bad-feat.-sj3-single/id986547581

Take the poll and tell me what YOU think of “She Bad”! Follow Cameron Dallas on Twitter: @CameronDallas

What Do You Think About Cameron Dallas’ Song “She Bad”?


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