Article: See The Cartoon Version Of Snoop Dogg Known As “Street Dogg” In Nickelodeon’s “Sanjay And Craig” On May 17th!


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What happens when a rap icon and an Emmy nominated, animated TV series join together? You get a half-hour special of Nickelodeon’s highly-acclaimed TV show, “Sanjay and Craig”! Mark your calendars because on Sunday, May 17, 2015 at 7:30 PM ET / PT, a new episode of “Sanjay and Craig” will air with a very, very special guest – none other than the cartoon version of Mr. Snoop Dogg who will be known as “Street Dogg” in the episode. According to the press release, “Street Dogg is a cool, funny, friendly guy who is always eager to rhyme with the kids. He’s come to town to escape the bright lights of LA, chill out, make some new music and live a quiet suburban life.” In fact, Street Dogg even stated, “There’s too much drama in the rap game” (source: press release).

Here’s a little bit more about the highly-anticipated episode, “During the special, Sanjay and Craig discover that Street Dogg was once part of a rap duo with none other than Remington Tufflips, the boys’ action-movie idol.  They set out to reunite the former pair, but their failed efforts only lead to a town divided—and the mother of all rap battles!” (source: press release)

According to the press release, “Sanjay and Craig is an original animated series that follows the misadventures of Sanjay, an excitable and irreverent 12-year-old boy (Maulik Pancholy, 30 Rock) and his best friend Craig, a smooth-talking snake and master of disguise (Chris Hardwick, The Talking Dead).  Together, they embark on awesome kid-inspired quests that are at times totally ridiculous, absolutely gross and weirdly sweet.  The series was created by Jim Dirschberger, Jay Howell and Andreas Trolf, and is executive produced by award-winning animation team Chris Viscardi and Will McRobb.”

Catch up on all the “Sanjay and Craig” fun by heading on over to, the Nick App and Tumblr where you can enter in the world of “Sanjay and Craig” by learning more about the characters and even getting a behind-the-scenes look at the show. To catch up on more incredible and fantastic episodes of “Sanjay and Craig”, you can watch them on and the Nick App as well as iTunes, Amazon and Hulu, to name a few.

Nickelodeon always has viewers at the edge of their seats with exciting things whether it be new episodes of a TV show or their fantastic award shows. Nickelodeon is known for making masterpieces and putting smiles on everyone’s faces. Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, will YOU see Snoop Dogg get animated in an all new episode of “Sanjay and Craig” premiering on May 17th at 7:30 PM ET/ PT?

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