Article: Singing Sensation Sherri Abbate Releases Her Stupendous Summer Jam “I Love It”! Listen Here!


School is almost out and the countdown to summer is starting; and with every beginning of the summer season, there are tons of summer essentials including beach gear, sunglasses, baiting suits and of course, some awesome summer tunes! Well, the incredible and marvelous Sherri Abbate has the perfect summer anthem for you! Multi-threat: singer, dancer, actress, and model: Sherri Abbate is well on her way in establishing herself as a household name and she just released her stupendous summer jam that has us all up on our feet dancing along to this remarkable song.

Sherri Abbate is a South African native currently living in the City of Angels. With the beaches as her next door neighbor and being able to enjoy the fantastic weather – the lovely Sherri Abbate uses her terrific surroundings and environment to influence her upbeat, super catchy and marvelous music. Sherri Abbate’s bubbly, lively and positive persona truly makes her a ray of sunshine and her music exhibits her angelic and mesmerizing voice! Fans worldwide recognize Sherri Abbate’s music as their go-to “feel good” songs. No matter how you’re feeling, Sherri Abbate’s outstanding music can always put the greatest smile on your face.

The remarkable and immensely talented Sherri Abbate has always had the passion for the music world in her. With her father, David Aldo Abbate (also in the music industry), right by her side supporting her with her music career, Sherri Abbate has made the stage her second home ever since she was the ripe age of four-years-old. It’s clear to see that Sherri Abbate has a natural, inborn gift for singing and entertaining. Her voice is awe-inspiring, her music is truly incredible, her presence is just dazzling – Sherri Abbate is one thing: a sensation.

The gorgeous and musically inclined, Sherri Abbate has just released her fabulous summer anthem “I Love It” and well, I absolutely LOVE IT! “I Love It” is the perfect song to blast on the speakers while at the beach or as you’re sitting by the bonfire on one great summer night. According to the press release, “The summer anthem was born from the carefree lifestyle of young adults in California, bringing it back to an old school surf and sand summer.”

Take a listen to Sherri Abbate’s remarkable and upbeat song “I Love It” below and stay tuned as the fantastic Sherri Abbate is giving you all a super fun opportunity to be a part of her summer contest! Sherri Abbate will be hosting a summer contest where fans can upload a video of themselves enjoying the summertime and how they are celebrating the summer fun on her YouTube channel in 30 seconds or less.

Sherri Abbate is truly so admirable and a great musician! Be sure to share “I Love It” to all your friends and family on all your social media networks! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, what do YOU think of Sherri Abbate’s song “I Love It”?

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