Article: “You’re A Wizard, Brec!” Brec Bassinger Has A Blast At Universal Orlando! See Her Fun Pictures Here! (@BrecBassinger)


We love rides and we love Brec Bassinger – win, win! Nickelodeon’s princess: the effervescent and always so amazingly bubbly, Brec Bassinger had a magnificent time as she spent the day at Universal Orlando yesterday, May 20, 2015. Brec Bassinger had a terrific time as she rode some rides and even visited Harry Potter World. “You’re a wizard, Brec”! Brec Bassinger looked so amazing rocking a Krusty Krab T-shirt and denim shorts. Brec Bassinger’s theme park outfit is so incredible!

The lovely and beautiful Brec Bassinger tweeted, “On my way to and on my way to geek out about Harry Potter world”.

Brec Bassinger shared some more wonderful photos of her time at Universal Orlando and made us all feel like we were enjoying the fun day along with her! Along with the photo above, Brec Bassinger wrote, “I told Mr. SquarePants I worked at the Krusty Krab (via the tshirt) and he got so excited… THE KRUSTY KRAB PIZZA…. Xo.”.

Check out more photos below of the marvelous Brec Bassinger at Universal Orlando! I’m glad Brec Bassinger had a stellar time!

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