Article: Austin North And Peyton Meyer Were Awake For 24 Hours – Find Out Where They Were!


What is it like pulling an “all-nighter”? Just ask the remarkable, profound actors: Austin North and Peyton Meyer! The magnificent and outstanding I Didn’t Do It star: Austin North and the phenomenal and wonderful Girl Meets World star: Peyton Meyer had an incredible time as they spent a total of 24 hours wide-awake as they celebrated Disneyland’s 24-hour Summer Kickoff Event on May, 22, 2015 – May 23, 2015. Peyton Meyer and Austin North had a stupendous time enjoying the great activities from 6:00 AM on Friday to 6:00 AM on Saturday!

Peyton Meyer shared the terrific photo above through his Twitter account and wrote, “We made it!! Good morning and Goodnight   “.

Austin North shared the fantastic photo below through his Twitter account and wrote, “We may just go all night at Disney”.


Austin North’s mom, Karen North, shared the great photo below through her Instagram account and wrote, “We did it 6am “.


So much fun! I’m glad everyone had a terrific time at the 24-hour Disneyland event! Now Austin North and Peyton Meyer can catch up on some zzz’s and dream about the wonderful world of Disney!

Follow Austin North on Twitter: @AustinNorth55

Follow Peyton Meyer on Twitter: @PeytonMeyer9

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