Article: Check Out The “Best Friends Whenever” Promo & Tune In To The Premiere On June 26th!


What better way to kick off the summer and celebrate the end of the school year than by watching the premiere of the highly-anticipated, upcoming, Disney Channel TV series “Best Friends Whenever”? Ever wondered what it would be like to time-travel? Well, wonder no more! “Best Friends Whenever” lets viewers in on Shelby and Cyd’s journey as they have the power to time travel – but sometimes their time-travelling may not turn out as planned! Disney Channel has just released a promo of “Best Friends Whenever” titled “Picture Day”.

Uh, oh! Shelby and Cyd have a not-so-great photo taken at picture day – is that a problem, no way! Shelby and Cyd time travel back to get their perfect picture day photo, but the question is – have they time traveled too far back?

Check out Disney Channel’s official promo for “Best Friends Whenever” below and be sure to catch the premiere of this remarkable and outstanding show on June 26th!

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