Article: An Incredible “Every Witch Way” Cast-Member Just Graduated From High School! Find Out Who It Is Here!


The school year is now coming to a close and everyone is getting ready for a fun-filled, spectacular summer! What comes with every end of the school year is graduation – a terrific milestone in a person’s life and one unforgettable and cherished memory! An incredible cast-member of Nickelodeon’s highly-acclaimed and top ranked TV show, “Every Witch Way” just graduated from high school today, June 3, 2015 and shared a heart-warming and incredibly inspiring message along with a photo she shared on Instagram today! The magnificent, young lady – and graduate is the one and only, Daniela Nieves!

The gorgeous and magnificently talented Daniela Nieves shared the stupendous photo above through her Instagram account and wrote, “Months ago i was ready to give up and drop out. A couple months later i wanted to attend my regular public school and just focus on the fun senior events like everyone else. There were breakdowns, tears, stress and more but then somehow i picked myself up, gathered up the courage and strength to continue, and here i am. Graduated from my public high school with a 4.6 gpa and next to all the amazing friends i grew up with, while juggling 10-12 hrs of work mon-sat. If theres two things i’ve always really cared about its staying grounded and going after your dreams no matter how crazy they are to become whoever you want to be. I try everyday to do both the best i can and sometimes it’ll get hard but when you reach your goal and use ur experience to help inspire others, its all worth it. #alwaysabison #classof2015“.

Daniela Nieves is not only a gifted and accomplished actress, but she is also one phenomenal role model to all her fans and her terrific message she wrote along with her photo is just another example of how extraordinary she truly is! Here at, I’d like to wish the exceptional and outstanding Daniela Nieves a big congratulations on graduating!

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