Article: Brec Bassinger Celebrates Her Sweet Sixteen With Lilimar, Haley Tju, Rio Mangini And More!


Sweet Sixteen – a very special celebration for a very special, young lady! The marvelous and incredibly talented, Brec Bassinger celebrated her Sweet Sixteen on June 11, 2015 and with all the amazing pictures that were shared, it looks like Brec Bassinger’s Sweet Sixteen was absolutely magnificent and loads of fun! The wonderful Lilimar, Haley Tju, Sarah Gilman, and Rio Mangini were among some of the many who came to celebrate Brec Bassinger’s Sweet Sixteen. From photo-booth pictures and having a blast – Brec Bassinger’s Sweet Sixteen was a night to remember for everyone!

The lovely Brec Bassinger tweeted, “Sweet 16 tonight!!! get ready for lots of pictures…”.

Check out more pictures below shared from Brec Bassinger’s awesome Sweet Sixteen! I’m glad everyone had a stupendous time at Brec Bassinger’s party!

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Photo Credits: Brec Bassinger, Lilimar, Rio Mangini, Sarah Gilman

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