Article: Could Kelli Berglund Be A Part Of A New Project? See The Awesome Picture Here!


The wonderful and spectacular, Kelli Berglund truly defines what it is like to be a triple threat! Speaking of being a triple threat, it looks like that may have something to do with an upcoming project the magnificent, Kelli Berglund is a part of.

TripleThreat Project shared the outstanding photo above of Kelli Berglund looking so stunning alongside the lovely ladies: Kara Royster and Pepi Sonuga on their Twitter account. Along with the photo, TripleThreat Project wrote, “Ladies ‘KILLING’ it  “.

How exciting! It looks like Kelli Berglund fans will just have to stay tuned for what is to come this fall that Kelli Berglund has teamed up with TripleThreat Project! The photo looks incredible so we all can’t wait to see what is in store with Kelli Berglund and the TripleThreat Project!

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