Article: Friskies Launches “Pull ‘N Play” – A New Product For Cats To Both Eat And Play With!


Friskies is known for bringing out some of the most fantastic products for all of our feline friends! Now, Friskies has just launched another magnificent, new product called “Pull ‘N Play” – a product that cats can both eat and play with – it’s a win, win! According to the press release, “Friskies Pull ‘n Play can be used alone or in conjunction with Wobbert – a wobbly cat toy that can accommodate two treats at once: yummy Pull ‘n Play strings fit into Wobbert’s ears and Friskies® Party Mix™ treats go into his belly. As your four-legged friend plays with Wobbert and enjoys the delectable edible strings, the treats will dispense out of Wobbert and your cat can continue snacking on flavorful crunchy treats.  The Pull ‘n Play edible strings come in three delicious Flavors: Chicken & Cheese, Salmon & Shrimp, and Tuna & Crab.”

Cat owners have always been looking for the product that can bring your cat joy while filling up their tummies at the same time, well look no further as Friskies has the perfect product for you! Justin Finlinson, Brand Manager at Nestlé Purina North America stated, “As many cat lovers know, felines love to play with string – it can be the pinnacle of their playtime. Pull ‘n Play not only delivers a whole new way for cats to treat and play, but it’s the only product on the market to offer edible strings for cats. We’re excited to bring this unique product to life through a one-of-a-kind cat adoption event that centers around play” (source: press release).

Friskies had a spectacular and incredible event on June 26, 2015 to celebrate the launch of their “Pull ‘N Play” product and celebrated it with none other than pro-football player Steve Weatherford and celebrity cat, Waffles. This fun-filled event took place at the “Friskies Playhouse” where adoptable cats and kittens and potential cat owners can enjoy a cat-astic and exciting day together. Attendees were even able to meet and take photos with the amazing Steve Weatherford and celebrity cat, Waffles. Steve Weatherford stated, “As a huge animal advocate myself, I was honored to be asked to be part of such a fun pet adoption event with Friskies that encourages people to get involved for a good cause and potentially take home an adorable cat. I can’t wait to spend the day playing with kittens, participating in activities like the dunk tank and seeing all the smiling pet parents who will be taking home their new furry pal” (source: press release).

According to the press release, “Friskies will donate one package of Party Mix to shelter cats each time someone wins a game. In addition, Friskies will donate one Pull ‘n Play package (up to 2,500) to shelter cats for every hashtag #MostPlayfulCat that is used on Twitter or Instagram from June 25 to July 2. If this goal is met, the brand will then donate an additional 2,500 Pull ‘n Play string pouches and 5,000 packages of Party Mix.”

Missed out on the fabulous event Friskies held in New York City celebrating the launch of their new product, “Pull ‘N Play”? Don’t worry! You can still have the opportunity to have YOUR cat be in the running to be recognized as the “Most Playful Cat in America”. Here’s how to get your cat on his / her way to cat stardom – just upload a photo of your feline friend to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #MostPlayfulCat and your cat will be entered in a sweepstakes which lasts until August 10th. You can also enter the sweepstakes on “The grand prize is $1,500 cash and a Wobbert toy, plus a one year’s supply of Friskies Pull ‘n Play strings, and 50 first place winners will receive a Wobbert toy and a one year’s supply of Friskies Pull ‘n Play” (source: press release).

Cat owners can always trust Friskies to bring the most excellent and sensational products for their furry loved ones. Stay in the loop by using the hashtag #MostPlayfulCat on all your social media networks and visit to learn more about this fantastic new product! Don’t forget to enter in your feline friend to the “Most Playful Cat in America” sweepstakes!

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