Article: Meet The Son Of Zoolander In Garrett Clayton’s Hilarious “Funny Or Die” Parody Video!


“Zoolander” is clearly one legendary and classic movie that generations after generations love watching – but have you ever wondered about… Zoolander’s son?! Well, it looks like DJ Zoolander is following in the foot-steps of his model dad, this time bringing the “Cold Metal” look as his signature pose! The incredibly talented, multi-threat: Garrett Clayton did a spectacular and extraordinary job in his “Funny or Die” video titled “The Son of Zoolander: Parody Video”. Every second of the video will have you laughing to the point that you will be crying from laughing. Garrett Clayton did an absolutely remarkable job and we all will be watching his “Funny or Die” parody video over and over again! If you want a good laugh, Garrett Clayton’s “Funny or Die” video is the perfect video for you to watch!

The magnificent Garrett Clayton tweeted, “Son of Zoolander: Parody Video, up now! “.

Whether it is starring in a sensational, music-filled Disney Channel Original Movie or making a parody video for the renowned, “Funny or Die” – Garrett Clayton always does a phenomenal job and exhibits his versatility and indescribable talent! Check out Garrett Clayton’s “The Son of Zoolander: Parody Video” at this link: and comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc what YOU think of Garrett Clayton’s parody video!

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