Article: Nickelodeon Princesses Lilimar, Paola Andino And Isabela Moner Get Nominated For A 2015 Imagen Award!


The phenomenal and incredible Lilimar, Paola Andino and Isabela Moner have many things in common – they all are three of the most beautiful young ladies, they all have a talent like no other which they exhibit on highly-acclaimed, hit Nickelodeon TV shows and all three of them have an amazing sense of style! What else do these lovely ladies have in common? All three of them have been nominated for a 2015 Imagen Award! Lilimar, Paola Andino and Isabela Moner have all been nominated for a 2015 Imagen Award under the “Best Young Actress – Television” category. In addition, Paola Andino’s magical Nickelodeon show, “Every Witch Way” was also nominated for “Best Children’s Programming”.

Paola Andino tweeted, “Feeling so honored for the Imagen Awards nominations! Thank you to the !! “.

Lilimar tweeted, “So apparently I’m nominated for the …”

Here at, I’d like to send a big congratulations to Paola Andino, Lilimar and Isabela Moner on their 2015 Imagen Awards nominations! They all are such extraordinary, magnificently talented, young ladies who continue to serve as outstanding role models to all their fans! They truly deserve their nomination!


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