Article: Grumpy Cat Launches Her New Video With BuzzFeed With The Help Of Some Of Her Feline Friends!


We all love watching BuzzFeed videos and when BuzzFeed teams up with a worldwide cat sensation, we all can’t help but get so incredibly excited over this spectacular news! On August 4, 2015 in Tampa, Florida, Grumpy Cat launched her new video with BuzzFeed with the help of some of her very special, feline friends! “Attendees included DJ Kitty of the Tampa Bay Rays, Sir Purr of the Carolina Panthers, Stanley C. Panther of the Florida Panthers, Kingston the Lion of the Orlando City Soccer Club and Aubie the Tiger of Auburn University” (source: press release).

In BuzzFeed’s latest video with Grumpy Cat titled, “Happiness Finds Grumpy Cat”, an adorable dog named Happiness searches for Grumpy Cat in a PetSmart store. On the other hand, Grumpy Cat does everything she can to avoid meeting Happiness. What will happen? Will they meet? You’ll just have to find out by watching the extraordinary BuzzFeed video below!

Tabatha Bundesen, Grumpy Cat’s owner stated, “You could tell Grumpy was very comfortable being inside PetSmart for the filming. As soon as she saw her face on the Friskies Variety Pack with exclusive Grumpy Cat packaging, it’s like she felt right at home. It helps that PetSmart is a pet friendly environment for both cats and dogs” (source: press release).

The video also emphasizes that both cats and dogs are welcomed in PetSmart stores. If you and your feline friend happen to visit a PetSmart store to get some enjoyable goodies, you may see a familiar face on some of the packaging – none other than Grumpy Cat herself! Grumpy Cat has her very own limited edition Friskies Variety Pack with her own Grumpy Cat packaging that you can pick up at PetSmart stores and online!

The press release also stated, “It’s a hilarious concept and we are definitely excited to partner with BuzzFeed to produce this latest installment of great online pet-content,” said Jason Vita, Senior Manager Shopper Marketing for Nestlé Purina PetCare. “The interaction between Happiness and Grumpy is one that will not disappoint, so check it out!”

Check out more photos below from Grumpy Cat’s cat-astic launch of her BuzzFeed video featuring her feline mascot friends in Tampa, Florida! Also, take a look below at Grumpy Cat’s BuzzFeed video “Happiness Finds Grumpy Cat”.

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